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Thursday, December 4, 2008

Peace Out from Realizing the Promise

After a closing prayer, we were led in the Black National Anthem, "Lift Every Voice and Sing."

It was a seriously inspiring moment. It's been a while since I've sang that song... especially with hundreds of people. But, I definitely remembered all the words.

I'm going to propose something. On January 20th, let's Lift Every Voice and Sing outside the White House and all across the world.

At this point, people are slowly rolling out. Everyone seems empowered and eager to continue the invaluable work they are doing in their communities.

Even if you did not attend the forum, we are all still responsible for the future of our country. We must plan, implement, create and use our voices. As we heard in the closing remarks, go out and "GET IT DID!"

Valerie Jarrett

RTP F1.jpg
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Senior Advisor to Obama-Biden White House. She posed the question - Are you fired up?!

Call to Action

Well, well, well... As the evening is coming to a close, each speaker had the increasingly heavier task of firing up a crowd who has been sitting for over 2 hours. With a spirited speech, a leader from USAction told us the three things we need to do when returning to our communities. They are as follows -

1) Organize

2) Organize

3)and, uh... Organize

If you happen to forget the last step, please refer to step 1.

Watch the Opening Video

Valerie Jarrett, Sr. Advisor to the Obama-Biden White House

Jarrett says she's been a bit nervous to move to Washington because she's always complained about Washington. I'm sure she's not alone on that one.

She says our work begins today and the challenges are daunting. But, if we move ahead together, we can accomplish a lot. She urges us to not talk about all the issues that divide us. Let's talk about the things we have in common.

Her closing question - "Are you fired up?" I think the answer here is a resounding YES!

As Jarrett takes her seat, our MCs led the audience in a chant of "Fired up, and ready to go!" And, guess what, the whole auditorium was on the same beat.

Second Roundtable: Democracy in the New America Pt. 3

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A wide shot of the 2nd Roundtable

Closing Address

The Closing Address is given by Valerie Jarrett, Co-Chair, Obama-Biden Transition Project & White House Sr. Advisor. She is being introduced by Pastor Michael H. Harrison Sr., President Ohio Baptist State Convention/Ohio Organizing Collaborative.

Harrison gives a rousing introduction to a cheering, applauding and standing audience. Is it a coincidence that the lights are flashing on and off??? People are hype!

Si se puede!